How to Cook with Saffron

We recommend that you don’t just put filaments straight into your dishes. Either crumble the required number of threads into a small container, or ideally grind them in a pestle & mortar. Grinding the saffron finely will create a more uniform yellow/orange colour throughout your dish. Coarsely grinding or simply crumbling saffron into pieces 1-3mm long looks magnificent in pilaf as it gives a yellow background colour with hotspots of rich orangey-red.


To Make a Saffron Infusion

Add a small amount of pre-heated liquid (e.g. water, stock or milk depending on your recipe) to the container or mortar, then allow at least 20 minutes for the colour and flavour to infuse into the liquid. This can then be left to infuse overnight.  Any crushed saffron strands in the liquid can be left and don't need to be removed.


How to Store Saffron

Since light rays oxidize the pigments in saffron and can offset its flavour, we suggest that you store your saffron in a cupboard, drawer or any other cool dark place


how much saffron to use

Saffron quantities for cooking are measured in grams, pinches, or numbers of threads.  Generally speaking we've found that a small pinch equals about 20 threads; a medium pinch equals about 35; a large pinch is about 50.